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The dominance of digital technology in every aspect of our lives has transformed how we define basic rights and fundamental freedoms.

Everyone is born with the right to a life of equality, dignity and respect. These human rights are protected by a set of laws that tells us how governments must treat people and how organizations and individuals must treat each other.

As humans create and engage with technology, we must uphold and expand the scope of universal human rights to include all the ways we exist and express the fullness of our humanity. Our ability to make choices and define our relationships to each other must also expand, and not be limited to old standards.

Our inherent human dignity can find new expression through different technologies but can also be diminished by the same tech. Digital human rights speak to our ability to determine, protect, and expand our humanity in ever-transforming digital spaces and technological lives.
Because online life is real life.


and Inclusion

Data and AI

Tech and Government Accountability

Access and Inclusion

The right for everyone everywhere to meaningfully and safely connect and engage with digital technologies on their own terms.

The right to participate in and contribute to the development of technologies free from the abuse and transgression of our inherent human dignity.

Responsible Data and AI

The right to reclaim our identity in all the spaces where we exist, and to assert control over our digital footprint and privacy by determining the terms of use of our data.

The right to demand the highest possible rights-based standards in the development and use of AI, both current and emerging, to prioritize human consent and agency that do not perpetuate oppression, discrimination, and dispossession.

Tech and Government Accountability

The right to demand rules and regulations to govern the use of technology that centers human rights, includes marginalized voices, and holds both companies and governments to account.

The right to demand proactive and transparent action from companies and governments to prevent human rights abuses that are enabled and amplified by technology.